Abuse and Neglect

Painful bedsores, serious broken bones, major discomfort, or even premature death can result from neglectful and abusive treatment by nursing home staff. Residents and their families do not completely understand what is going on because they lack medical knowledge. Further, they might fear retaliation or rough treatment should they complain. A nursing home negligence lawsuit is often a solution for these elder abuse problems.

Nursing Home Lawsuit

Understand nursing home abuse and protect your loved ones. Nursing home negligence lawsuits stem from bone fractures, falls, slipping, dehydration, bed sores, and malnutrition. Nursing homes have a duty to abide by the law and failure to do so can lead to legal liability and damages. Learn more about your legal rights and remedies from nursing home abuse. Click here to learn if a nursing home negligence lawsuit is appropriate in your situation.


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