Personal Injury

Nursing Home Personal Injury often occurs because only twenty percent of nursing homes have a registered nurse on duty at all hours, and that one registered nurse may be in charge of up to 100 patients.

Many nursing home staff members are “often ill-trained, grossly overworked, and very poorly paid.” Nurse’s aide positions entail specific skills and a certain amount of patience and compassion, yet these workers are generally paid less than unskilled janitors. The prevalence of elder abuse may also be the result of high nurse’s aide turnover, which may cultivate detachment between nurse’s aides and patients.

According to a U.S. Government report, over 56 percent of nursing homes fall below licensed staffing requirements mandated by state and federal law. As is always stressed, nursing homes must be equipped with accurate staff-resident ratios to ensure that all needs of elderly patients are taken care of. Even with this is mind, many seniors end up in nursing establishments that are overcrowded and understaffed.

For example, A nursing home personal injury lawsuit has resulted in a $200 million verdict against a Florida nursing home for their fault. Like other  similar lawsuits alleging elder care neglect, this nursing home personal injury lawsuit alleged an elderly woman was harmed by those designated to take care of her.


This could easily give rise to personal injury and a lawsuit may be needed for compensation. A nursing home attorney can provide a personal consultation to address your legal rights and remedies. 



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