Head and Brain Injuries

Nursing home brain and head injuries can result in severe disability and at one extreme, wrongful death. This might occur due to oxygen deprivation due to intentional choking, drug overdose or lack of supplemental oxygen supply. The sad fact is that  many of these traumatic head and brain injuries could be prevented with better care and supervision of elderly residents. As in most cases of nursing home abuse, head and brain injuries are often not reported due to a seniors reluctance or unability to communicate to family members.

Nursing home head and brain injuries result from:

  • Improper Transportation of a Patient
  • Improper Devices used to secure patient on a bed
  • Falls going to the bathroom
  • Lack of Oxygen being provided to the brain
  • Improper Medication
  • Physical Abuse by nursing home staff


The symptoms of a brain or head injury are very hard to detect in an elderly patient.  These patients may not be able to indicate that an accident with nursing home staff happened or may be afraid to do so. If you suspect that someone has been injured in a nursing home, immediately contact a physician to determine how serious the injury is. In a addition, it may be helpful to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to determine if a negligence lawsuit is appropriate.