Soiled Bedding

The failure to change soiled bedding of a nursing home patient could form the basis of a nursing home neglect lawsuit. A long period exposure to soiled adult diapers or heavily soiled bedding can increase the chances of bedsores developing on a nursing home patient. If a bedsore is already present on a patient, it can lead serious infection would could permanently disable a nursing home resident.

The best way to prevent soiled bedding is to visit the nursing home where your loved one is staying at random intervals and check to make sure that they are living in clean conditions. Poor hygiene is a serious problem for the elderly people in nursing homes due to the tight living quarters of many assisted living facilities.  The spread of disease occurs much quicker among people living in close living quarters.  With seniors already having a vulnerable immune system and other health problems, even minor soiled bedding could amplify the spread of disease in this type of environment.

If the nursing home staff is not prompt in changing soiled bedding, you should discuss the problem with staff members and the nursing home management as soon as possible. This will avoid an potential problems that soiled bedding can cause in an elderly patient.

Lawsuits over Soiled Bedding

However, if soiled bedding continually persists and the nursing home does not do anything to change it, it may be useful to talk to a nursing home abuse lawyer to evaluate the situation. If the soiled bedding has caused some sort of injury to a patient, a nursing home lawsuit may be a good way to secure a monetary recovery to pay for increased medical expenses. In addition, reporting the living conditions to the local state nursing home authority will ensure that problems do not happen to other patients under the nursing home’s care.